Creative zen-xfi-style

Creative has been churning out MP3 players for years now, and they’re continuing on with their schedule with the new ZEN Style and ZEN X-Fi Style portable media players. The Zen X-Fi, the fancier of the two, features a 2.4-inch display, either 8,16, or 32GB storage, microphone and TV out, and a built-in speaker. Its main draw is the X-Fi sound enhancement technology, which is supposed to make your MP3s sound better, somehow, and RSS feed support. The Zen Style 100 and 300 models come with a 1.8-inch display and either 4,8, or 16GB storage, with the 300 model also coming with a speaker and FM radio.

The Zen X-Fi Style is available April 14th for a price between $80 and $170, depending on the storage, and the Zen Style players are between $50 and $80.


Chris Gullo