I once pulled a DeWalt BoomBox out of a river and it was still on and working fine.  Looking like it wants to be swung around at a party by some drunk behemoth, the Bosch Power Box 360 is gonna be hot at your neighborhood construction site.  The aluminum and rubber roll case protect the core while the virtual surround 360 speakers blast Seger at sunset.

The weather-sealed media bay holds what looks to be an iPod of the classic variety and it even has an SD card slot that supports MP3 and WMA files.  Add some external auxiliary ports, a USB port for charging cell phones, the Power Box has a battery bay for charging tools or powering the Power Box.  Finish it off with a illuminated LCD display and a remote and your mustache will literally twirl itself in pure delight.  Expect the price to be around $200-$250.  What a beast!


Jeff B