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As an avid recreational cyclist, I love using the EveryTrail App on my iPhone to chronicle my trips and share them with friends.  The annoying thing was that I had to stop riding and unpack my phone every time I wanted to use the app to make a note of a location or take a picture.

With the Biologic iPhone Bike Mount from Dahon, I can now keep my iPhone right in front of me at all times during my trip.  Being water and shockproof, the Biologic Mount did pretty well against my testing, and the durability of construction were some of the only aspects that I found to be questionable.

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The Biologic Mount attaches right on the neck of your handlebars and actually fit pretty tight.  You can crank the harness as much as you want and the thread will never strip.  I did notice some sipping after some rides that required some re-tightening, but as long as you keep the hex key with you, you should be good.

Once the actual mount is installed you can then fit the case into the locking bracket.  The case is capable of swiveling around in 24 “click points” and really looks cool on your bike viewed in portrait and landscape mode or anywhere in between.

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The iPhone fit into the case with ease and sat snugly against the contours of the rubberized interior.  What I didn’t like was the build of the main hinge and latch.  They seemed a bit ramshackle for my liking and would prove to be a possible “first to break” situation in the future.  I would have like to have seen some stainless steel thrown into the design for strength and durability purposes.

Once inside the case, the iPhone controlled decently enough.  The transparent plastic piece was very smudgy and reminded me of that material you’d find on that unopened collectible toy you’ve seen in your weird buddy’s closet.  The fingerprints and such removed quickly enough but I can’t help but think a better material could be used.  I say that, because I also encountered a fair amount of resistance between my presses and the reaction time on the iPhone.  Not a deal breaker, but I definitely wanted a better response time.

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Other issues I ran into was sunny day stuff where wearing sunglasses would help, it was hard to see the screen between the glare and smudges.  Also,  if you bike a lot you probably where gloves.  My gloves don’t work with the Biologic Mount so they needed to be taken off in order to use the phone.  Not a fault of the product, just something to be mindful of when deciding if this product will work for you.

The Home button also felt stiff and required a hard press to activate.  The on/off button at the top felt and worked nice but the plug over the 3.5mm jack was hard to get off.  Not a biggie for me as I didn’t like listening to music through the Biologic because it is just dangerous to tether yourself to your bike via a pair of headphones.  There’s also a hole for the camera so you don’t have to remove the phone to take pictures.  Definitely a plus.

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What I did like about the Biologic Mount was that is was really convenient to use the Maps App and various other Apps like Everytrail, FourSqaure, and more.  And that’s really a huge selling point for this product.  It’s main purpose is to put your iPhone right in front of you when you ride, and that’s exactly what it does.  No telling how long the components will last out of the gate and depending on the level of active and rugged use, it may or may not be a good fit for you and your bike style.

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A little expensive, I would like to see this mount go under the $50 mark to make it a more attractive item for the more casual and aspiring rider.  I enjoyed my time with the Biologic Case Mount and despite its flaws, it’s a cool device that lets you enjoy your iPhone even more than you already do.


  • Easy to install
  • Great with Apps
  • Looks killer on your bike


  • Lacking longterm durability
  • Smudgy resistant display
  • Expensive

Buy the Biologic iPhone Bike Mount for $54 here!

Jeff B