I recently took a trip to South Africa and at best you can get within 30 yards of anyone of the many beasts.  But how would you like to take close up photo of a lioness and her cubs?  Or perhaps safely photograph the nostrils of an elephant’s trunk?  The Beetlecam is an ingenious device from Will and Matthew Burrard-Lucas.

They attached a Canon EOS 400D camera to a Lynxmotion robot chassis and a Hitech 6-channel radio control.  Then with some tweaking they were able to mod the buggy’s controller to operate the camera as well.  Two 7.2 Volts Ni-MH 2800mAh battery packs provide day long power and a set of dualing flash strobes insure a properly exposed picture in the most dimly lit of places.

BeetleCam Lion

Now they just need to get a live feed running from the camera to the remote so they can determine their shot from any where they sit.


Christen Costa

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