Apple Sued Over Wet Iphone

Forgetting your phone in the washing machine (or dropping it in the toilet, or spilling beer on it, etc.) is always a bummer, mainly because you know the warranty is void when that wetness indicator turns red. Well, it looks like someone’s especially angry enough about it to sue Apple, but they claim their phones was never wet in the first place.

Charlene Gallion brought her non-working iPhone to the Genius Bar at her local Apple store, and they said it was water damaged and thus ineligible for a free repair. Despite claiming it never got wet, Gallion paid for a replacement, but when that one also broke from supposed water damage, she got angry. An “I’m gonna sue you” level angry. In the suit, Gallion criticizes Apple’s policy, and that Apple’s Extended Warranty, which you have to pay a pretty penny for, doesn’t cover Water Damage either. Perhaps this lawsuit will change Apple’s tune, but we’ll just have to wait and see.


Chris Gullo