APC Pro BackupsAPC is making sure you’re never in trouble during a storm with its new Back-UPS Pro line of UPSs. The uninterrupted power supply makes sure your important documents (read: World of Warcraft game) are safe during a power outage. APC’s models also offer a power-saving feature that shuts down devices when the computer is off, like speakers or printers, that are also plugged in. This, of course, saves you money in the long run. The Back-UPS feature a LCD panel with diagnostic information and automatic voltage regulation features that keep your power safe and smooth-running.

The Back-UPS Pro models range in the number of outlets offered, from six to ten, and uptime from 92 to 164 minutes. They’ll be available in the second quarter 2010 from $129.99 to $249.99.


Chris Gullo