Wii Hack Hard Drive

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 lets you copy your games to the hard drive or a properly formatted USB drive up to 16GB.  Unfortunately, you still have to insert the disc to play the game – this insures you don’t copy and return the game or resell it.  But what about the Wii?  Well good and bad news.  The good news is that this too is possible on the Nintendo video games system.  The bad news is that you have to hack it to accomplish this feat.  But once complete, you’ll never have to play your games from the disc let alone insert it into them into the console’s disc drive.

By now you’re probably saying “hurry up and give me the details so I can get started”.  Unfortunately, we can’t do that.  You see after speaking with our lawyers there is just too much liability involved; you could break your Wii, blame us and then we’d be cleaned out of our savings, all $10 of it.  So we’re directing you over to Lifehacker who has a complete run down of how to install Wii games onto a hard drive and play them.  The process isn’t for the light hearted, but they say it only takes 10 minutes, that is of course after you’ve read the instructions 20 times.


Christen Costa

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