Daily Archives: April 30, 2010

Slow-Mo Cup Cake Explosions (video)


[GR]v4JbPLItex4[/GR] If I had to get shot by something, anything, it would be, without a doubt the steam-punk style pneumatic cupcake cannon from Johnny Cupcakes.  Hit the video above to see some beautiful slow-mo cupcake destruction....

Tech Air Race Motorcycle Suit

A Real Deal Airbag Motorcycle Suit (video)


Airbags are standard issue in automobiles and have proven to save lives.  So what about motorcyclist?  Years ago we saw a bike that included an airbag, but until now we hadn’t seen a practical solution.  The Tech Air Race motorcycle suit is a revolutionary device that incorporates a number of...

COD Black Ops

“Call Of Duty: Black Ops” Officially Announced


Until today the latest Call of Duty title, “Black Ops”, was all but a rumor.  Now Activision has launched a teaser site that confirms the name and launch date, which is 11/9/10.  Twitter and Facebook pages are in full swing and Treyarch is the studio developing the title.   The ‘world...

Darth Vader Bust Beaten Down

Beaten Down Darth Vader Bust


“Beaten”, “battered”, “just inches within his life” are all things you don’t often expect to see or perhaps hear when it comes to busts, but that’s exactly what’s going on with this Darth Vader Star Wars bust.   The detail is pretty solid, all the way down to the burnt clothing...