Daily Archives: April 21, 2010

Henge Dock

Henge Dock: The Perfect Macbook Dock


I love hooking my MacBook Pro up to my Samsung monitor, but there’s usually a mess of cables cluttering up my desk in doing so. To solve this problem, Henge Docks has come out of left field with their new MacBook docking station. This thing looks pretty awesome — put...


Up Close Pictures Of Microsoft’s Project Natal


It’s Microsoft’s turn for product leaks this week — an Italian site allegedly has images of a Project Natal prototype that reveal new details for the anticipated device. From the images, we can gather that the motion recognition system apparently runs on its own power source, and that the Natal’s...

Sony Home Theater In Box 2010

Sony Unleashes Affordable 3D Home Theater Systems


With all these new 3D HDTVs hitting stores, you’ll definitely need a sweet sound set-up to get the full theater experience, and now Sony’s got you covered with three new systems. The fanciest, the HT-SF470 5.1 speaker setup, is 3D-capable (though I’m not sure how that’s any different than 2-D...

Biologic - 1

Biologic iPhone Bike Mount Review


As an avid recreational cyclist, I love using the EveryTrail App on my iPhone to chronicle my trips and share them with friends.  The annoying thing was that I had to stop riding and unpack my phone every time I wanted to use the app to make a note of...


Battlefield Bad Company 2 Review (Xbox 360)


Let me just say this right now.  Bad Company 2 is the most fun I’ve ever had playing an online FPS.  Period point blank.  While the world is still fixated on all things MW2, BC2 doesn’t get the due credit it deserves.  From mind numbing action, to eye popping visuals...


Transparent Foosball Table Ain’t For Casual Gaming


Here’s an odd combination: Italian company Adriano Design’s Krystall Teckell is a super fancy foosball table. Yup. Kind of a weird choice for the glamourous treatment, but it certainly looks cool. The players are made of aluminum while the table is constructed of “diamond like transparency.” The company makes other...

Lenovo lephone

Lenovo LePhone Launching In China This May


This is interesting — Lenovo’s LePhone is the PC company’s first foray into the handheld market, and its being launched and targeted at China first instead of Europe and North America. The device, which features an impressive 3.7-inch WVGA AMOLED touchscreen, runs on a custom version of the Android 2.1...

Paradigm $130 Ereader

$130 E-Reader From Paradigm Shift


Sure, the iPad is awesome for reading books, but it’s also 500 dollars (and even more for the 3G version). If you don’t have that sort of cash lying around, Paradigm Shift’s EER-051D e-reader might be more to your liking. The 5-inch color screen reader supports most e-book formats, as...

Tread 1 Watch

Tread 1 Watch


There is nothing practical about the Tread 1 watch.  It costs $15,000 and needs to be recharged every two weeks. But for all that trouble, you get a bulletproof time piece and a system that incorporates four belts that are turned by an individual microstep electric motor. Read...