Daily Archives: April 20, 2010

Lip Roboto

Flesh Light Looking Robot Is For The Hearing Impaired


Creepy probably best describes this weird looking robot, but as Popsci discovered this funky looking contraption is more than a workshop project.  Built at Japan’s Kagawa University, the almost flesh light looking contraption was built to help those who are hearing impaired learn how to pronounce words. [GR]57zsMfuTk1U[/GR] It uses...

Nintendo 3d

Gadget Rumor: Nintendo 3DS Launching This October


A rumor emerged today that the Nintendo 3DS will launch sometime in October, well ahead of the previously thought date.  Unfortunately, there is no way of confirming this, but it does put Nintendo well in line for some holiday sales for 2010. In case you forgot, the Nintendo 3DS will...