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Lenovo Thinkpad L Eco

Lenovo L-Series Laptops Now Boast Industry Leading Eco Credentials


Ever since Apple proudly touted its environmental healthiness with their aluminum MacBooks, its been cool for notebook makers to go green. The new ThinkPad L Series is no exception. The 14 and 15-inch notebooks are now the industry’s leaders in recycled material used for its construction. In fact, the 15-inch...


Leica V-Lux 20 Gets Official


Remember the Leica V-Lux 20 we talked about last week? Well, now it’s definitely official, with more specs included in the press release. Like we previously reported, the 12.1MP camera features integrated GPS and 720p video recording. It also has a 25-300mm lens, SD storage, a 3-inch 460,000 pixel LCD,...

Blackberry 6

Blackberry 6.0 Screenshots Leaked

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Leaks abound this week — there was the new iPhone, and now screenshots of BlackBerry OS 6.0 have appeared online. The screenshots show lots of new features, like system wide multitouch, a WebKit-based browser that has pinch-to-zoom and multiple tabs support, kinetic scrolling, a new systemwide context menu, social network...

Sharp Aquos Blu-ray Recording TVs

Sharp’s Adds Blu-ray Burners To Their AQUOS DX3 LCD TVs


As popular as HDTVs are, Blu-ray seems to be lagging behind. It’s a shame, because the format is excellent for both video quality and storage. Sharp is trying to integrate the Blu-ray experience with their new AQUOS DX3 series that features built-in Blu-Ray recorders and comes in either 26,32,40, and...

Apple Sued Over Wet Iphone

Apple Sued For Wet iPhone Detectors


Forgetting your phone in the washing machine (or dropping it in the toilet, or spilling beer on it, etc.) is always a bummer, mainly because you know the warranty is void when that wetness indicator turns red. Well, it looks like someone’s especially angry enough about it to sue Apple,...

Panasonic Sky Webcam

Panasonic’s TT-CC10W Skype Webcam Gets Pictured


Sometimes, I think about video chatting and just how futuristic it really is. A person can be a thousands of miles away, and yet you’re looking and talking right at them (though they’re a little more pixelated than in real life.) Now, Panasonic’s new TT-CC10W Skype webcam wants to make...

Solar Powered Camera

Solar Powered Camcorder


We’ve seen our fair share of solar powered gadgets, but none quite so odd as the HDTV-T900.  First up, it costs just $88.  Second, you can power it by simply placing it in the sun thanks to the two solar panels.   But outside of that it is your garden variety...

4g iPhones

Another 4G iPhone Emerges


As it turns out, that leaked/lost iPhone that we saw yesterday may not be the only one floating around out there.  A Chinese twitter account posted photos of a similar device – in fact the form factor is exactly the same – only, as you can see, it lacks the...