Daily Archives: April 19, 2010

Cobb Smokeless Grill

A Smokeless Charcoal Grill


I’ve got no clue how the Cobb Premier Smokeless Grill works, but some how you can cook up to 3 hours on just 6-8 pieces of charcoal.  When I grill I generally use half the bag and at best I get about 45 minutes of cooking time.  Sounds like I’m...

Orange Amp Computer

OPC Computer Amplifier: A Computer Rifting As An Amp


I’m both a big music and technology fan, but I never would’ve thought this would ever happen. Orange, an amp company that (in my opinion) makes awesome gear, has announced a crazy PC/amp hybrid. The OPC Computer Amplifier is a frankenstein monster — inside an Orange amp enclosure lies a...

Flash 10.1

Flash 10.1 Hitting Android, BlackBerry, and WebOS Devices After Q2


Ever since Apple publicly pounced on attacking Flash as a platform, Adobe’s every move has been carefully watched. Today is no exception, with news of another delay in the latest release of Flash. CEO Shantanu Narayen, promoting the new Creative Suite 5 that’s out this week, stated in an interview...

Freeagent Seagate Netflix

FreeAgent Theater+ HD Add Netflix Streaming Support


Netflix continues their domination of the video rental market with today’s announcement that the FreeAgent Theater+ HD (that’s a mouthful) now supports Netflix Instant Streaming. It will come via software update to the device, along with Youtube, Mediafly, and vTuner content. In addition to playing content from an external FreeAgent...

Cow Treadmill

Cow Treadmill Could Generate 6% Of The World’s Power


I like cows. Truly, they are a multipurpose animal. And according to farmer William Taylor, they could even give us eletricity and help our reliance on fossil fuels. Taylor’s made something called the Livestock Power Mill, basically a large treadmill the cows walk on that provides electricity to their farm....

Saroteck T2 Media Player

Sarotech T2 Multimedia Player Does 1080p And More


Sarotech’s T2 (not to be confused with that other James Cameron that made a billion dollars) is a PMP with some impressive power in a small frame. Specs include a 500MHz Sigma SMPS8653 CPU, 1080p HDMI output, H.264 and MKV codec support, a USB 2.0 port, 802.11n WiFi, and DTS...

Lego Augmented Reality Box

LEGO Launches Augmented Reality Box (video)


LEGOs take hours upon hours, sometime painstakingly, to build.  To help expedite the purchase process – you know, because it’s difficult to see how your erected masterpiece will look while standing in the toy store aisle – the Danish toy manufacturer is working with a company called metaio to roll...

Garmin nuvi 3700

Garmin’s nuvi 3700 Is Just 9mm Thick


At this point in the game, the GPS market has been pretty much tapped.  The innovation largely lies in smartphones, but Garmin has one trick left up their sleeve, the nuvi 3700 series.  Winner of the Red Dot Design Award, the 3700 series is just 9mm thick making it the...