Daily Archives: April 16, 2010

OM Mouse Concept

Giant Concept Mouse Is Just 10mm Thin


The mouse is quickly becoming an antiquated method of interacting with your computer.  So we’re a bit shocked to see such a large and obtuse concept around the input tool.  The OM wireless optical mouse is about two times the size of a normal computer mouse, but is only 10mm...

Toshiba Android Tablet

Toshiba Set To Intro Android Tablet Device, Name Unknown


Getting sick of tablet announcements yet? Me either! Toshiba joins the fray with an as-yet unnamed device running on Android. Jeff Barney, a general manager at Toshiba America, says the company is looking at different devices that will run either Windows 7 or Google’s OS Android. Form factors would vary,...

SA7 Headphones

The Forever $400 Headphones: Sleek Audio’s SA7


Through the years, I’ve bought more pairs of headphones than I can remember. In an apparent attempt to curb that problem, Sleek Audio says their new SA7 headphones will last forever. To help, they’re constructed from military-grade solid aluminum and fiber, and their drivers are encased in shock-absorbent silicone. As...

Inside The Inner Workings Of Microsoft’s Natal (video)


With all these Wiis, Moves, and Natals (don’t those sound weird without the company name behind it?), it appears getting you and your lazy butt off the couch is now one of gaming’s biggest priorities.  Such was the case when Microsoft’s Xbox 360 VP Ilan Spillinger showed off a new...

Thrustmaster Ferrari - 08

Thrustmaster Limited Edition Ferrari PS3/PC Gamepad Review


I’ve never been one to stray off the path of the proprietary console controller, but recently I had the opportunity to test out the Thrustmaster Limited Edition Ferrari PS3/PC Gamepad.  While I enjoyed a couple key aspects of this gamepad, I think PC gamers will have a better time with...