Daily Archives: April 15, 2010


Bypass 3-D TV’s And Go Straight To Quad HD


I think the whole 3-D will come and go sooner than we think.  Looking past 3-D TV’s is what is being touted as Quad HD and it is going to totally redefine what you think of resolution.  The TV pictured above is the TVLogic LUM-560W and it spits out images...


The Simpson’s Keyboards And Mice Not Duff Proof


The awesome looking new Simpson’s keyboards and mice from Keyscaper will sure make killer gifts for any fan of the long running cartoon.  The keyboards are wired and the mice are wireless and they really shine with all the classic Simpson’s colors emblazoned all over them. No telling what the...


Bosch Power Box 360 To Drop The Hammer


I once pulled a DeWalt BoomBox out of a river and it was still on and working fine.  Looking like it wants to be swung around at a party by some drunk behemoth, the Bosch Power Box 360 is gonna be hot at your neighborhood construction site.  The aluminum and...


Dock-IN-Case From Made2Dock (iPhone)


Fact:  Most iPhone cases won’t dock.  It’s always a good thing to take your case off every once in a while and give it a good cleaning, but that’s generally less than you have to dock your iPhone.  The Dock-IN-Case From Made2Dock helps solve that problem.  Made in the USA...


Bandai’s New Hyper Telescope For The Kids


As a positive alternative to video games, Bandai has just announced their new Hyper Telescope for Japanese markets.  Capable of identifying over 1,000 objects, the Hyper Telescope uses a live “tracking system” LCD display to inform kids what they’re looking at while they’re looking at it. It’s sort of like...

Wound Device

Get Better Faster With This $3 Wound Recovery Device


What the ‘F’!  I had no clue that applying negative pressure (i.e. suction) to a wound, yeah those things that bleed, could cause it to accelerate the healing process.  Now an MIT student – they’re taking over the world, wait that already happened – has developed a system that is...

Google Maps Going 3D (video)


[GR]4k2_HHrk8Y8[/GR] You can’t beat Google, or so it would seem.  Their mapping site, Google Maps, will soon include 3D views of major cities around the world, complete with trash and landmarks.  Check the above video to see New York City in 3D....