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Bang and Olufsen beolab 11 Subwoofer

Bang & Olufsen Knocks Out Beolab 11 Subwoofer


Bang & Olufsen are renowned as creators of super-stylish, super expensive audio systems. The BeoLab 11 subwoofer is their latest effort, and its definitely not lacking in the design department. The system consists of two 6.5-inch drivers that can play frequencies below 300Hz, with 200W of bass pumping it out....

DXG 3D Camcorders

DXG Unveils 3D Camcorder, No Glasses Needed


3-D cinema is apparently the future (I’m holding my breath), but DXG is looking to bring the 3-D experience to you at a portable, much smaller scale. Their 3D View camera shoots standard definition video in a very portable form factor, so your own life can be just as exciting...

Droid Incredible

Droid Incredible Launch Date And Price Leaked?


Still mulling over your next smartphone purchase?  Well, news has hit that the HTC Incredible, otherwise known as the Droid Incredible, will arrive at Verizon stores on April 29th. We’re talking 8GB of storage, a 1Ghz Snapdragon processor, 8 megapixel camera, HTC’s Sense UI, Bluetooth, Android 2.1, microSD card slot...

Wii Sex

Woman Sexually Aroused From Nintendo Wii After Spill


Here’s a tad bit of funky, weird hump day news for you.  A woman playing Nintendo Wii took a dinger off her Wii Fit board.   After collecting herself, or attending a hospital, it would seem as though she has developed a condition known as persistent sexual arousal syndrome.  It’s real,...

Mind Control TV Remote

A Mind Controlled TV Remote (video)


The Emotiv Epoc headset was largely developed for the gaming world.  But one man, some where in a remote location in his dank basement outfitted the headset with an Adriuno board and laptop to let him control physical objects.  Before you get too excited we’re talking about turning the television...

EdHardy Case

Ed Hardy iPhone Cases Strickens Me With Affliction

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I just don’t get all this Ed Hardy shit.  I mean why does some dude need to have a clothing company using another dude’s name?  My name’s Jeff and I want to start a company called “Gary Knows Best”.  Curbing myself right there, the shit is fucking stupid.  At any...


TuneBug Vibe Is Ready For Your Pants


Now that song can really make you wet!  We’ve all seen that awesome scene from Howard Stern’s Private Parts, so I shouldn’t have to reference the opening sentence any further.  The TuneBug Vibe is a vibration device designed to effectively deliver sound from anything it happens to be sitting on....

Gears 3Box Art

Gears Of War 3 To Include 4-Player Co-Op


With the Gears of War 3 release date around a year away, the web is still on fire with all the bits of info it can deliver.  What we are hearing now is that there is going to be a 4-Player Co-Op mode for the single player campaign.  Hear that...