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opera mini 5

Opera Mini Approved For The App Store


News just hit that Opera Mini 5 for the iPhone, which we showed you a few weeks ago – boy was it speedy in the video – has now been approved for the app store and is completely free to the masses.  So what are you waiting for?  Dive in,...

Microsoft Kin one and two

Microsoft Announces Kin One And Kin Two Handsets

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Today was a big day for Microsoft, as they announced the Kin One and Two, two Windows 7 handsets with a strong focus on social media. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace will all be integrated into the phone’s OS with a featured called “Loop,” which acts as the phone’s...

Cell Phone Chemical Detector

Cell Phones Soon To Sniff Out Deadly Chemicals


On average, you and most readers of this site own a cellphone, and that phone does a billion things in addition to making calls. But what if they could also save your life? Well, they already do that (9-1-1, remember?), but this is a new way! Cell-All is a program...

Navigation Controller from Sony

Sony’s Nunchuk Controller Is Called The ‘Navigation Controller’


Playstation Move, Sony’s upcoming Wii competitor, is looking pretty cool, though the colored balls on the ends of the controllers are a little silly. But in new Move news, the other half of the controller system, the nunchuk, has a newly official name: The Navigation Controller. Because it, like, navigates...


Under Armour Recharge Energy Suit


I loves me some Under Armour gear.  Recently unveiled is the Under Armour Recharge Energy Suit which is constructed using the patented Under Armour Stretch Material and is designed to reduce swelling, soreness and fatigue.  The suit falls into the UA Heat Gear category just so you know. ...

Viewsonic e-readers

Viewsonic Joins The E-Reader Saga, Intros VEB620 and VEB625


ViewSonic’s about to offer the Kindle some competition with two new e-readers.  The VEB620 and VEB625 are 6-inch, 800×600 resolution e-ink devices with 2GB internal storage. They’re both compatible with PDF, RTF, ePub, and plain text formats — that PDF support is a big selling point, since the Kindle requires...

Panasonic AG-AF100

Panasonic AG-AF100 Micro Four Thirds Camcorder Is Hollywood Meets Flip


When it comes to video cameras, the new Panasonic AG-AF100 Micro Four Thirds fits nicely in between ultraportables like the Flip and Hollywood-quality behemoths like the RED system. It features a Micro Four Thirds sensor (how fitting!), as well as  collection of micro 4/3 lenses, filters, and adapters. The camera...

Macbook Line 2010

New Macbook Model Numbers Surface, Core i5 And i7 Maybe


Huddling over your laptop anxiously gnawing on your fingernails will do nothing for your antiquated keyboard.  Unless of course you’re waiting on the imminent announcement of a refreshed Macbook line, in which case it will give you motive to your replace your machine (you know, because you’ll break your computer)....

folding wheelbarrow

Folding Wheelbarrow


Perfect for carting drunk buddies around, this 250 pound capacity folding wheelbarrow is just another innovative product from the minds at Hammacher Schlemmer.  Now just about any sized household or apartment can easily store this wheelbarrow when before it was just too big to have around. Folding down to only...

Meizu MBook

Meizu Mbook Specs Detailed, Rendered Fan Pic Emerges


Meizu, a company that liberally “borrows” from Apple’s product design, has announced a new product in that vein with the Mbook. Poised to be an iPad competitor, the purported specs for the device include an 8.4-inch, 1024×768 resolution capacitive touchscreen, 12 hour battery, 3G and WiFi, and HDMI out for...