Daily Archives: April 9, 2010

Sony Walkman Dock

Sony Outs New Walkman Dock, NAS-V5 and NAS-V7M


Sony is sort of hit or miss in the design department, but these new Walkman docks are a definite “hit” in my opinion. The multi-colored NAS-V5 and NAS-V7M models are technically designed for the Walkman, but other players will work just fine with it. The latter also features 16GB of...

mophie-juicepack air ipod Touch

Mophie Finally Launches Juice Pack Air For iPod Touch


It’s not the knock me down Friday news that we look for, but a product announcement nonetheless.  Yesterday, Mophie launched the Juice Pack Air for the iPod Touch.  An iPhone version has existed for sometime, but Mophie finally found the time to modify the battery’s form factor to fit the...

iPhone OS 4.0 Already Jailbroken (video)


[GR]TmgriOT_9kI[/GR] The iPhone OS 4.0 was announced only yesterday (yay multi-tasking!), and already its been jailbroken by the always-crafty Dev Team. Of course, this doesn’t mean the official release will feature the same security flaws that allowed the exploit to happen. But I’m just guessing they’ll find a way to...

Creative zen-xfi-style

Creative Pops Out ‘Zen Style’ MP3 Players


Creative has been churning out MP3 players for years now, and they’re continuing on with their schedule with the new ZEN Style and ZEN X-Fi Style portable media players. The Zen X-Fi, the fancier of the two, features a 2.4-inch display, either 8,16, or 32GB storage, microphone and TV out,...

Mechanical Skirt

Back To The Future Self Trimming Skirt (video)


In Back To The Future II Marty McFly tosses on a ‘letter jacket’ only to find it’s about 3 sizes too big, that is until he hits the appropriate button and the outerwear shrinks to his size.  Now, one designer has implemented that same design into a dress.  By adjusting...

Adjustable Grill Light

BBQ LED Grill Light


Summer is almost here and that means, sun, beach, beers and GRILLING…and hopefully girls in skimpy bikinis!  But there is nothing worse than over cooking that fine piece of meat.  This largely happens when you don’t have the proper lighting for night time cooking and the would be burgers turn...

Griffin AFrame

Griffin A-Frame iPod Stand Gets Top Marks From Us


With the new iPad comes the onslaught of iPad accessories, including plenty of different stands to keep the darn thing propped up. Here’s a nice-looking one: Griffin’s new A-Frame iPad stand is made from brushed aluminum and easily switches between landscape and upright orientation. Its design also leaves the iPad’s...

Bugatti Lego

Lego Bugatti Veyron (video)


The world’s most expensive car, the Bugatti Veyron, is awesome. What’s also awesome is this Lego reproduction of the vehicle. The fully-working RC car runs on a 7+R sequential gearbox and features independent suspension and a retracting spoiler. Most impressive. Check out the video to see it in action. [GR]jHWDSnWk2jU[/GR]...