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Toe Mouse

Toe Mouse: Computing Made Easier For Those With Disabilities

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Here’s a cool gadget: The Toe Mouse, by designer Liu Yi, is a special ergonomic mouse intended for those who have an upper limb disability and cannot use their hands. The user grips the device between their toes, like a sandal, and two different sensors on the big toe and...

Coleman Multi-Tool Torch Flame Lighter - Black

Coleman Multi-Tool Lighter


Condensing a couple key outdoor gadgets into one totally useful device, the Coleman Multi-Tool Lighter is a great gift for the Paul Bunyon in your woodland area.  Housing a wood saw, bottle opener, nail file and blade, the Multi-Tool also sports a wind resistant refillable lighter with hinged weather cover....


Light Up Your DUBs With The Motionlite (video)


Okay, so you’ve dropped about $20,000 on new rims, but really, what’s the point when you roll up to the club at 11pm when it’s too dark to take in all the stupid opulence.  Enter the Motionlite, a remotely operated, 6-inch telescoping LED lighting system for your car’s RIMs.  That’s...

Nexus One Car Dock

Nexus One Car Dock Now Available


Google’s Nexus One card dock is now available for all you Nexus One owners.  It facilitates handsfree operation, charging of your phone and provides faster access to voice and nav apps.  The dock ships with both a suction cup and adhesive disc, which means you can stick it to your...

Flip HD Slide Camcorder

Gadget Leak: Flip Slide HD Camcorder


Thanks to a tipster, we now know that Cisco is set to release a new Flip called the Slide HD.  Based on the pics alone it appears to include a similar form factor as previous Flips, but when rotated to a landscape mode can be slid open.  What lies beneath...

iSuppli iPad

iPad Ripped Apart, Costs Just $260 To Make


Oh iPad how I love you so.  No, I really love my iPad.  I bought a 32GB version.  Total retail cost with tax: $660.  So, yes, it pains me to see that the 32GB version cost Apple just $289 to manufacturer, at least according to iSuppli, the masters of tearing...


Hamilton Triple Dial Watch, The Time Player


At first glance the Hamilton Time Player appears to be one of complexity and mystery – I assure you there is neither.  Three dials can be set to whatever time you prefer – USA, England, etc – while the center tile can be removed allowing you to relocate any tile...

Hand Shredder

Yuento Hand Shredder Is Dangerously Eco


It won’t shred hands, but it will shred as many documents as you can feed into the Yuento Hand Shredder.  Pink isn’t exactly a color that evokes my desire to destroy stuff, but perhaps they’re trying to convey the softer, more feminine side of shredding documents. ...