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Metal Gear Solid Touch And Frogger Now iPad Approved


Remember when we were so excited to see those first MGS Touch screen shots for the iPhone?  Then the game came out and it was basically just a expensive unfinished shooting gallery.  The iPad version has just been released and thankfully the price did not go up.  It’s still at...


ColcaSac’s New Line Of Hippie iPad Sleeves


Put $35 dollars on the ColcaSac with their new line of iPad cases.  Using the same natural fibers found in their other sleeves, the vertical loading will provide quick an easy access for your expensive new toy.  With 5 styles to choose from, I’m thinking $35 is a bit steep,...

Grace Digital allegro

Grace Digital Audio Allegro Wi-Fi Radio Is Mom Worthy

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UPDATED.  Isn’t there like a million products that can access and stream a gazzilion Internet stations?  Adding to that ever growing and overly saturated list is Grace Digital Audio’s Allegro Internet Radio & Streamer.  But before you jump on my naysayer band wagon consider this: it has built-in WiFi, can...


LintAlert Effectively Keeps Dryer Fires On The Minimum


I’ve had a first hand experience with a dryer fire – my dog Bucky can attest to this since he still shakes when he hears a smoke detector.  Beyond the crazy statistics of over 40 dryers catching fire a day, lint is usually the cause.  To help combat this is...

LUXA2 H4 iPad Stand

LUXA2 H4 iPad Stand Is Mac Slick

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Okay, so were inundated with iPad products, there is no doubt about that.  And yes, the LUXA2 H4 is yet another.  But it’s worth noting because it has a very Mac-esque quality to its design.  Made of solid aluminum it has 6 supporting arms with rubber pins that can be...

Rock and Roll Jug Server

Roll n’ Pour Rocking Beverage Server


While the Roll n’ Pour rocking beverage server is a laughable product by most accounts, consider the implications for the elderly or those with mobility issues.  It’s a bit hard to tell from the pictures alone, but it looks like it only accepts half gallon jugs.  Thank God it’s only...

Xbox 360 USB Drive Update Now Live


The day has come upon us that the Xbox 360 will access USB mass storage…up to 16GB. Just fire up your Xbox and you should be prompted to download an update.  After a few minutes you’ll be back online and able to format any USB drive to be used with...