Daily Archives: April 6, 2010

Samsung AIO U200 and U250 PCs

Samsung U250 And U200 All-in-one Touchscreen Computers Debut


Multitouch PCs are becoming popular items from companies like HP, and Samsung is about to enter the marketplace for the first time with the U250 and U200 all-in-ones. Running on Windows 7, the U200 features a 20-inch display at 1600×900 resolution, while the U250 is 23-inches at 1080p resolution. Internal...


Security Case For iPad


Since my roommate was the one who forked over the early adopter cash for the iPad, I have restricted access at best.  If he decides to really cut me out, he can buy the iPad Security Case.  Pretty much a locking folder that’s reminiscent of some ivy league schmuck it...


Some iPads Too Hot To Handle


We our loving our iPad so far.  No troubles whatsoever.  Some people have been complaining about overheating issues with some instances evolving into the warning screen pictured above.  According to Apple, the iPad while turned on should be at 32° to 95° F and between -4° to 113° F when...

Solar Pebble

Solar Pebble Is A Rock Solid Product For Poor Countries


Here’s an example of a great product doing good in the world. Plus Minus Solar have created a Solar Pebble to reduce the use of dangerous kerosene lamps in the world’s poorest regions. It’s portable, can be hung or clipped onto bicycles, and it charges other small electronics, like mobile...

canine dog shower

The Canine Shower Stall: No Soap On A Rope Needed


Can you just see the look on this dog’s face?  Pure horror I’m sure!  This crazy expensive dog shower should give your local salon a run for it’s money.  Literally.  While you may have seen the dog washing machine at various public locations, you can now own one for only...

PS3 Portable

Turn That PS3 Portable With The HP3-87, A Snap-on 11.6-inch Monitor


So the iPad is being touted as the ultimate portable gaming machine. Well, how about the PS3? Hori is attempting to make the Sony console portable…err, more portable, with their new LCD. The HP3-87 is an 11.6-inch, 1,366×768 resolution screen that attaches to your PS3, offering stereo speakers, two headphone...