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Waxed Canvas And Leather iPad Case To Help You Get Your Satchel On


From Temple, these upscale cases have either The Hangover or Indiana Jones written all over them.  Ambiguously multi-gender, these fancy looking bags will be ready for your next passage through India.  Heavily priced, the waxed canvas bag will cost $150, whereas the leather one will run you $189.  Ugh! Expected...


THQ Announces 3 New Star Wars Games For The iPhone


Today, THQ has announced 3 new Star Wars games available now in the App Store for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and of course, a low-res version for the iPad.  Star Wars: Cantina, LightSaber Duels, and Yoda Soundboard are all brand new games that share the Star Wars license and will...

15mm wrench ulock

Convert Your U-Lock Bike Lock With This Tool

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When I’m on my bicycle I try to minimize my weight, which means leaving behind whatever tools or gear I don’t need.  This U-Lock tool converts any Evolution and Gray Kryptonite lock into a 15mm hex wrench, perfect for cranking your fixie’s axle nut.  Thanks to their forward thinking design...

Zune 4.5

Zune 4.5 Software Now Available


Zune users rejoice, 4.5 has been bestowed upon your PMP.  Just plug in the device and get a syncing. So what does it add? Smart DJ, which we showed you last week at the Zune House here in LA.  Microsoft has also increased the codec compatibility of the player by...

LED Stairwell

DIY LED Stairwell Lighting System (video)

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I so want this in my house, especially seeing as I hate flicking on the light switch.  This DIY stairwell lighting system doesn’t just turn on the lights, but illuminates each step as you proceed up or down the stairs. Video after the ‘leap’...

Apple Head Mounted Display

Apple Patent Shows Head Mounted Display


This is a big week for Apple: of course, the iPad is coming out Saturday, but they’ve also been filing some new patents that are popping up online. One such patent is for a head-mounted display system that communicates with a portable device — like the iPhone, duh. The device...


Bionic Eyeballs, Need We Say More


Bionic eyeballs, cameras implanted into human eyes, sound pretty crazy. But a company called Bionic Vision Australia says they have a working prototype of said technology. They’ve collaborated with the University of New South Wales to create a pair of glasses mounted with a camera, a CPU located in a...

iPhone 4.0

iPhone OS 4.0 Breaking Cover On April 8th

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Word just hit that Apple will hold an event on April 8th at 10am PST.  The event’s theme you ask?  iPhone OS 4.0!  About freaking time.  The location: Apple’s Infinite Loop campus in Cupertino.  Yes, it’s a bit shocking to see an event of this magnitude announced, especially after the...

Index Chopping Boards-1

Index Chopping Boards Prevent Cross Contamination

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Mince garlic on a chopping board and in all likelihood any other food placed on that surface will have the same spicy flavor.  The Index Chopping Boards are specifically designed to avoid that problem by providing a chopping surface for four different food groups: raw meat, fish, onions and vegetables. ...