Daily Archives: April 5, 2010


MeganMan Hoodie


Hate it or love, someone will buy this Megaman hoodie.  Yup, another throw back sweatshirt to add to the growing list.  I’m still a big fan of the Storm Trooper hoodie. By the way, this is a concept only. Read...

Android TV

Android Platform Hits The Big Screen In “Scandinavia” HDTV


Android, Google’s OS, is popping up left and right on smart phones nowadays, but it’s never been on a TV…until now! (Cue ominous music.) The Scandinavia — yes, that’s really its name — fits the bill, coming from the brilliantly titled company People of Lava. It features a 42-inch HD...

Panasonic Me550 and 560 TVs

Panasonic Launches New Portable 5-inch Waterproof TVs, ME550 and ME650


For years, Japan has had small, portable TVs that entertained people on the go way before smartphones, iPods, and tablets even existed. Apparently, they’re popular enough for new models to still be made, as Panasonic recently unveiled two new TVs for consumers. The ME550 and ME650s are 5-inch, 480×272 resolution...


Improved Resident Evil 4 Sees New Moonlight On The iPad


Gaming in itself should start moving iPads off the shelves.  Capcom is bringing a new iPad specific version of Resident Evil 4 to the App Store sometime soon.  Brandishing a higher resolution and some other new gameplay and mode features, if this is the present of iPad gaming, I’m pretty...


GrooveMaker For The iPad Now Available


As appropriately predicated, the iPad is going to be absolutely stellar when it comes to music apps.  The first iPad specific mobile loop remixing app I’m seeing is the GrooveMaker from IK Multimedia.  Raising the price from $5 to $10, working with the beats and samples will be that much...


Monster Converts Beats Headphones Into Red Sox Edition


Dr. Dre and Lebron James of all awesome people were at Fenway Park last night to allegedly get press for the new Monster Cable Beats Red Sox Edition.  Looking ridiculously sharp and eye catching, they will also run you a cool $400. But that’s nothing when it comes to team...