Wii Football Controller

I still think the guys at CTA Digital are laughing all the way to the bank.  Who would of thought a couple of novel Wii controllers could actually garner some decent headlines, let alone generate some serious coin.  For the record, I don’t endorse their products and have had the opportunity to use a few of them at trade shows. Let me just say they make for a suitable gag gift.

Today, news hit that they’ve announced the Wii Football controller.  It’s totally devoid of any tech wizardry and simply requires that you affix your Wiimote to the top of the ball, which mind you is soft.  So God forbid this thing slips out of your clutches during a hail mary, the damage to your girlfriend’s face and tv screen should be minimized, but not nonexistent thanks to the plastic controller perched on its top. There’s also a wrist strap included for mitigating lawsuits risk, but who uses those?

There’s no word on a price or launch date as of now.

[via Gadgetvenue]


Christen Costa

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