Available next month, Victorinox is releasing their new USB Drive Swiss Army Knives.  Appropriately called the Victorinox Secure Pro, they will be available in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB models.  Using Victorianox’s proprietary Schnuffi Platform Single Chip Technology, the drives are virtually un-hackable.  As an extra security precaution, there’s also a fingerprint scanner.

To make things difficult, there are actually 3 versions of this product.  The one I mentioned above is the Secure Pro which has the USB drive, blade, scissors, nail file, and ballpoint pen.  Where’d the toothpick go?  The more exclusive one is called the Presentation Master Edition which adds remote Bluetooth access and a laser pointer.  The final version is called the Flight-Safe Edition (either the Master or Secure Pro) and it comes without the blade, so you can get it through airport security and such.  I would think you’d need to ditch the scissors and nail file too, effectively making it an entirely different product.

As a reference, the 8GB Secure Pro will cost $150 with the 8GB Presentation Master at $250.  The Flight-Safe Version will be $7 off the Secure Pro and $12 off the Presentation Master.  The 16GB is $220 for the SP and $326 for the PM.  The 32GB SP will cost $363 with the PM at a brutal $474.

Will you buy one?


Jeff B