USB Powered Beverage Chiller Bag

I know, I know, USB beverage chillers are nothing new, but this one deserves some much needed attention since it comes in the form of a portable bag.  That’s right, the bag itself is the chiller and can be powered by your computer’s USB port, bringing the bottles liquid all the way down to 14 degree F.  14 degrees?  Is that right, or is it just the bag that reaches this temperature, not the liquid?  If so, that means it’s beyond frozen, but hey, don’t shoot the messenger.  What’s really neat, though, is that you can unplug it when you’re done chilling your liquid of choice and the bag, which is insulated, will keep your content chilled for time to come. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m thinking Stoli Vodka.

You can grab one for about $14, and that includes shipping.


Christen Costa

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