Underfull Tablecloth

As a kid my biggest fear at the dinner table – aside from choking – was probably spilling.  Oh the scorn of a parental figure after one too many spills – it really can be quite damaging to a kid’s psyche.

But not with the Underfull Tablecloth.  Spill on it and an image is revealed.  Spill more and more of that image is revealed.  So what was once a negative experience quickly becomes a positive one.  Its designer, Kristine Bjaadal, also sees the Underfull Tablecloth as a sort of story teller.  Over time the cloth gets spilled on by different liquids and tells a story, one that dining guests can reminiscent about for years to come.

Right now it’s a concept only, but I think it’s fair to say that we, as in the entire Webosphere would like to see this thing on a a store shelf.

[via Neatorama]


Christen Costa

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