Innesenti Bike

We’re big on bikes here at GadgetReview.  So the INNESENTI clearly makes our list of things to ride this year.  The recumbent slash reversed tricycle is tailored to each customer’s specs and is built from scratch using Formula 1 and Indy Car racing technology.  Ok, now I really wanna take this thing out for a spin.  While I have a hard time believing that it’s “the most practical man powered sports machine in the world”, it sure does look like the most bad ass tricycle I’ve ever laid eyes on.  And it doesn’t hurt that the frame is crafted from a single piece of Carbon composite.

Innesenti Specs

The lesser of the two models (touring and sport respectively) starts at $11,500.  With that kind of cash you could buy a pretty sweet motorcycle, but nothing beats riding under your own power.

[via Chipchick]


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