News has arrived about the first commercially available 3-D Blu-Ray players from Sony.  The BDP-S470 will oddly require a firmware update to be 3-D ready but the BDP-S570 will be 3-D live out of the box.  Using Sony’s Active Shutter technology, the only thing you’ll have to do is connect the player to a 3-D TV and you’re good to go.

Each player will feature the new Bravia Internet Video service, which will enable catch up TV, streaming YouTube, BBC iPlayer, and the ability to rent movies through LOVEFiLM.  Sounds like a whole new slew of services for you to keep track of.

The BDP-S570 will have active Wi-Fi out of the box with the BDP-S470 having an ethernet port that can be upgraded through a Sony USB Wi-Fi dongle.  Both players will be controllable from an iPhone or iPod Touch.

Both of these 3-D Blu-Ray players will hit the streets towards the end of the month but a price has yet to be set.  Any guesses?  $400-$500?


Jeff B