=Dragonfly 2 seats

The Dragonfly DF1 helicopter might not be as interesting looking as that flying boat we saw a few weeks ago, but with closer examination it’s certainly an impressive technological feat.

Instead of using a conventional motor and fuel system to power the blade, two rockets are fixed to the rotors tips causing it to rotate fast enough for lift.  Even cooler is that the rockets have a zero carbon footprint since they’re fueled by 70 percent hydrogen peroxide (H202), which is drawn from a pair of fuel tanks around the pilot’s seat.

Tip powered helicopters are not a new technology, but prior to the DF1 no one was able to overcome the technological hurdles that include power source issues amongst other things.

If you look closely at the video above, you’ll notice that the Dragonfly incorporates a strange control system, one that is said to be more like a motorbike and unlike traditional helicopters the DF1 has not foot controls.

Currently the top speed of the DF1 is about 40MPH with a total flight time of 50 minutes.   There’s no word on a price or when the DF1 might be delivered, but apparently they’ve already obtained the necessary certificates for commercial sale.

[via Gizmag]


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