The Capacious Portable Hammock From Kelsyus

Goodness gracious, so capacious!  Ca·pa·cious–adjective – capable of holding much; spacious or roomy: a capacious storage bin. And now I know.  This cool looking portable hammock transports like a beach chair and would make you a true pioneer if you brought this to the beach or a BBQ.

Using an accordion style steel frame, the hammock’s 9 1/4′ x 3 1/4′ surface accommodates up to two regular sized people with limbs outstretched.  And by regular sized I mean, the whole thing only supports 300 pounds so no Free Willy action will be permitted.

The hammock has a soft nylon surface and includes a carrying bad and an inflatable pillow for additional comfort.  Hopefully my patio furniture-centric roommate will buy one!  Reviews on Amazon however reflect shoddy craftmanship.  Lame!

On sale now for $150.


Jeff B