Sony DR-350USB

Sony has been scrapping to make a come back and apparently so far so good.  Perhaps in an attempt to solidify their supposed comeback, they kicked out 3 new headphones that aren’t looking too shabby.

First up is the DR-350USB, a USB PC headphone with a boom, 30mm drivers and is available in black, red and gold.  It has a built-in boom mic and a set of in-line controls for manipulating volume as well as a quick mute button. The appear pads appear to be slender in shape, so let’s hope they can put out some decent bass.

Sony DR_320DPV_highres-523x800

Next up is the DR-320DPV.  It forgoes the USB jack for what I presume is a 3.5mm headphone jack.  The inline volume control is limited to a jog dial (no mute function), has a mic built-in to the headset and the phones come in Gold, Blue, Red and Black.

Sony DR_310DPV_highres-456x800

Last up is a pink headphone, the R-310DPV.  It’s looks pretty minimalist and sports an inline mic and some volume controls as well as a mute button.

As of now pricing is unknown, but don’t expect the DR-350USB, DR-320DPV or the R-310DPV to hit US shores any time soon.  Word is that they’ll be hitting the Asian countries first and then who knows where.


Christen Costa

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