Sanyo Eneloop Bikes

Too bad I’ll probably never ride Sanyo’s Eneloop Bike, but that can probably be said for the majority.  In any event, the company felt it necessary to update the recently announced bicycle.  Now, instead of just capturing power during acceleration and downhill glides, the Eneloop bike will ‘sip’, as in slightly nurse, energy while riders bike on the flats to charge its on board battery system.

Ultimately, this should mean more power for those moments when you need some added momemntum from the electric drivetrain, which is when and only when the on board motor system will kick in (think hill).  Sanyo says the system is self adapting to the riders output and shouldn’t impact or increase the pedal resistance.

The new Sanyo Eneloop bikes (CY-SPL226 and CY-SPL224) will launch in Japan only on April 21st for 157,290 yen.

[via TFTS]


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