With pocket HD cameras like the Flip becoming more and more popular, I’m beginning to miss the days of big old camcorders lugged around to special events. The Samsung SMX-C20UN isn’t that large, but it does bring back some warm fuzzy memories. Its biggest selling point is its 25-degree angled lens, which is supposed to offer a more comfortable hand position, eliminating fatigue and wrist pain, while filming all those precious home movies.

The camcorder records in H.264 format to SDHC memory cards as storage, has a 2.7-inch LCD with a 320k resolution, features a 10x optical zoom as well as a 1200x digital zoom and image stabilization. It can also upload videos directly to YouTube, so Grandma can see Billy’s soccer game ASAP.

The SMX-C20UN is available now for $199.99.

[via Geeky-gadgets]


Chris Gullo