Rii Wireless Keyboard

While it’s not nearly as cool as the Morphpad, Brando’s Rii Mini Wireless Keypad should gets the prize for runner up.  At a glance you can see that it’s a full QWERTY keyboard with a touchpad, which Brando is quick to point out will work in any orientation.  It connects to your device of choice using a 2.4Ghz wireless USB dongle, so smartphones you’re out.  And get this, there’s even a built-in laser pointer and 26 LED lights!  Brando says the battery life is up to “1 mouth”, but I think they mean 1 month, unless of course the battery is only good for one single Power Point presentation, than “mouth” might be right.

You can grab one for $92.

[via Geeky-gadgets]


Christen Costa

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