I really didn’t expect to see something this cool today.  The PRS Guitar Bud is an absolutely innovative product that is a must “check out” for any musician that owns an iPhone or 2nd Gen iPod Touch.  The PRS Guitar Bud is a 6 foot long cable that has a microphone attachment cord via 3.5mm jack as well as a 1/4″ jack and a headphone input.

Capable of transmitting a signal from guitars, keyboards, and samplers to just about any app that accepts a microphone input, the PRS Guitar Bud is a great way to share riffs, practice scales, and much more.  PRS also has a compatible app associated with the PRS Guitar Bud called the PRS JamAmp which serves as an amp simulator and practice aide.

The Guitar Bud sells for $30 and the PRS App is at $10 and is available now.  Other compatible apps are:  Voice Memos™, StompVox™, Riff Raters™, GigDaddy™, iStrobosoft™, Rectools Pr™o, Guitar FX Deluxe.  From reading the reviews in the App Store, it seems people aren’t too happy with the way this product and App doesn’t work.  This might be asking too much of an iPhone.  I’m gonna see if I can snag one for review.


Jeff B