These days it’s nearly impossible to escape 3D.  Every where we look we see something related to 3D…this post is no exception.  But the 3D we’re often hit with is dependent upon stereoscopic imaging.  Not so with the pCubee.  The 3lb cube contains 5 screens and by tracking the location of the box and the user’s perspective it can display a complete, interactive 3D image.

Instead of using the aforementioned 3D technology, the pCubee utilizes something called motion parallax, which takes advantage of your perspective or change of perspective to create a 3D image.  Unlike today’s 3D images, even those with one eye could possibly  view the three dimensional image since depth can still be detected.

As mentioned there are a few different pieces of tech in play here.  A sensor judges the boxes relevant position to the viewer’s head while on board software syncs that perspective to insure the image remains consistently intact.

Rotate the box and although the angle changes the imagery remains the same, albeit from a different angle.  Use the included stylus and you can interact with the on screen objects.  Or simply just rotate the box and navigate a ball through a series of turns and obstacles.

Okay, so it’s not applicable when it comes to movie making and what the practical applications remain to be seen.  But one thing is for sure, you’ll look a hell of lot cooler without those giant, wonky glasses.

[via 3Ddisplayinfo via technabob via Wired]


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