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Gaming Rumor: Call Of Duty 7 Details And Title Name


Ooohhh Shiiiiiitt….Call of Duty mavens slobbering everywhere may be entertained by the stink nuggets of rumorism I bring.  Through some totally unsubstantiated source at Treyarch, the new Call of Duty title arriving this holiday will go by the name “Black Ops”. Ah, those black ops, they’ll get yah.  Other turdbits...

coby-mp570 mp3 player

Coby MP570 MP3 Player Might Be Too Sleek For Its Own Good

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My only experience with Coby has been some sub-par sets of headphones, but apparently the company also makes pod-shaped MP3 players. The MP570 includes 2GB flash storage, supports MP3 and WMA format, and features five hours of battery life. Yeah…exciting. Where’s the pause button, anyway? Pricing and availability for the...

MIT Touchless Screen

MIT Media Lab Debuts Touchless LCD Screen


In the past few years, we’ve gone from keyboards and buttons to touchscreens, a fact that some people are still getting used to. Now, we may get rid of the touching altogether. The MIT Media Lab has created a motion screen computer that senses light and movement from the person...

swipe it

Macally Swipe It iPhone Credit Card Reader


Looking to do business or personal transactions on your iPhone? Macally’s Swipe It Reader is a hunking piece of plastic that attaches to your iPhone and enables credit card payments through its custom Swipe It application, similar to the Square payment system that was recently launched. The reader supports Vista,...

Magic Wheel

Magic Wheel Scooter Is Unicycle Meets Skateboard (video)


Talk about an accident waiting to happen?  The Magic Wheel Scooter is essentially a modified unicycle, although a smaller skateboard sized wheel on the rear seems to provide added balance.  The video depicts a teen rider easily cruising along with cell phone firmly pressed against his ear while eating an...