Opera Mini iPhone

Generally speaking Safari on the Mac is the speediest of browsers. So it’s only logical to assume the same for the iPhone, right?  Wrong.  Opera’s web browser for the iPhone, Opera Mini, looks to be almost 3 times as fast as the iPhone’s native browser thanks to Opera’s server-side processing of web pages coupled with binary file caching (think compression).  This results in much faster web page load times as demonstrated in the below video on a 2G network. As of now, the iPhone Opera browser does not support pinch to zoom, but they promise to add that feature later (presumably implementing that feature during an initial release would surely get it denied from the app store).

As of now Opera has officially submitted their app for approval by Apple, but it’s questionable as to whether or not it will be approved since their technology appears to be superior and poses a threat to Apple.  Just in case Apple takes their sweet time, and to place a little added pressure on the Cupertino approval team, Opera has placed a counter on their website indicating the app’s approval time.  In the past, Apple has been known to take their time when it comes to approving competitive apps, especially when they might negate one of their own, instead of flat out denying it.


Christen Costa

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