Rē NewKinetix IR Dongle

Here we go: yet another IR dongle for the iPhone.  It comes from a company called NewKinetix and the dongle is called Rē.  Plug it into your iPhone (or iPod Touch) download their accompanying app and yes, you can control your infrared gear with your iPhone.  Can you hear the excitement in my voice?  The Rē is not only learning capable, but comes packed with They’ve chosen to forgo any sort of learning capability in favor of a database of preprogrammed commands which they say contains “nearly all AV entertainment and home automation devices”.

If you’re so inclined you can score one via Amazon for $70.

Update: NewKinetix reached out and sent us a feature list as seen below, in addition to correcting the remote’s learning capabilities, which are very much part of the feature set. They were a bit put off about my lack of excitement, but honestly, this is like the 50th iPhone infrared remote we’ve seen in the last 30 days.

  • iPod and iPod touch compatibility
  • Complete portability: at home, office or travel
  • Unlimited Rooms to organize your setups
  • Upgradable Integrated IR database
  • Device Remotes to backup the originals
  • Activity Remotes to control multiple devices
  • Unlimited Macros for button sequence playback
  • Learn functions or remotes not in the database
  • Unlimited Favorites Lists for each Activity
  • Fully customizable remote screen layout


Christen Costa

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