Microsoft Lifecolor Webcam

Today’s webcams tend to stick to an acceptable, but un-noteworthy VGA resolution, but a recent slate of HD cameras have begun to bring crystal-clear video to popular programs like Skype and iChat. Microsoft continues the trend with the LifeCams product line, bringing 720p resolution and their patented TrueColor technology with their new HD-5000, HD-50001, and HD-6000 cameras. The TrueColor feature promises to bring vivid color and brightness, even in low-light situations, which sounds perfect for those late night chat sessions. The HD-5000 and HD-5001 are designed for both notebook and desk use, while the HD-6000 is notebook only.

The HD-5000 and Best Buy-exclusive HD-5001 will be available later this month for an affordable $50, with the HD-6000 coming in April for $60.


Chris Gullo