Magic Wheel

Talk about an accident waiting to happen?  The Magic Wheel Scooter is essentially a modified unicycle, although a smaller skateboard sized wheel on the rear seems to provide added balance.  The video depicts a teen rider easily cruising along with cell phone firmly pressed against his ear while eating an ice cream cone, but some how we think it’s a tad more difficult than that.

To ride the Magic Wheel you push off with one foot while the other rests on the platform.  After enough speed is achieved the other foot is then placed onto the platform where upon you can cruise to your heart’s content, that is until you run out of speed.  Given the rather large size of the main wheel you should be able to achieve greater speeds than a skateboard, but less than a bicycle.

If you’re so interested you can buy one now for just under $90.

[via Craziestgadgets]


Christen Costa

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