I can neither deny or confirm the validity of this video, but according to SPIEGEL TV the Mindflex toy, which we saw and played with a few years ago at CES, is a total scam.  After testing the device themselves, which requires a human to generate brain waves in order for it to function, they strapped the Mindflex headset onto a dummy.  The result?  The ball still floats with the same, if not similar variable altitude as a human being wearing the headset.

The Mindflex from Mattel toys, promised a brand new gaming experience.  The more the gamer concentrates the greater the increase in brain acivity.  As a result the wearer of the headset is rewarded with the ability to control the fan (this effects how high the ball floats) and thus complete the game’s objective; loop the ball through the hole.

So is it a scam or a fluke?  Perhaps Mattel added this affect to make the game more challenging.  It’s also worth noting that the video seems to be a bit incomplete, but since I don’t speak German I’m having a hard time following it.

[Thanks, soulmate702000]

Christen Costa

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