Heatswell Cup

Drink coffee or tea much from one of the many fine coffee establishments scattered throughout the world?  If so, then you know how damn annoying those heat sleeves can be when they slide off and cause you to spill your scolding hot beverage.

The Heatswell cup however has a built-in sleeve that expands and grows when a hot beverage is placed into it – the video below shows how cool it is.  Gimmick yes, but this could very well eliminate not only some of the cost for coffee shops, but the storage as well as the eco implications – it’s said to be biodegradable.  And of course beyond that there is the practical applications which is no more burnt hands.  It looks like the material is painted on and can be ‘programmed’ to expand in a number of ways, including 3D logos.

[via Dvice]


Christen Costa

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