Click and Grow

The Click and Grow system sounds like something that belongs next to the Starship Enterprise’s Halloh Deck (sp?).  So what is it?  In short order, it’s an electronic pot for growing plants.  You plug it into your computer, download the corresponding growth program, add the seed cartridges and presto, you’ve got a completely automated growth process, though you’ll need to add water.  According to Gizmag some of the higher end models are able to collect water from the air and almost any houseplant can be grown including roses, cactus and other plants. 

Click and Grow has plans to sell the household devices for about $30, while the seed cartridges will go for $5-12.  The launch date has yet to be revealed, but you can sign up for an early adopters test program at their site.

[via Gizmag]


Christen Costa

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