Word has reached the gaming blogs today about the future of the Call of Duty series and the result is pretty much perpetual.  Activision has stated that a new game studio going by the name Sledgehammer Games will be taking up the reigns of a yet to be titled Call Of Duty title.  This apparently doesn’t mean that Treyarch and Infinity Ward are being cut out of the mix either.

Ambiguous statements have been made in regards to Treyarch’s COD 7 this fall and that the 2011 COD will be made by a yet to be specified developer.  Also, all over the web today is grumblings over the terminations of to lead IW employees due to insubordination.  Eh.

I’m thinking it’s about time for the COD franchise to take an open world approach in the vein of Far Cry 2 will obviously more fleshed out narrative and direction.  Anybody else agree?

We’ve yet to see a true WW2 Open World FPS and it’s about time COD loses its rails.


Jeff B