Biknd Helium Bag

Transporting a bike can often be a precarious scenario. If you don’t mind partially dismantling your bike for travel purposes and have an extra $600 lying around then you might want to check out the Biknd Helium Bike Transportation Bag.

Capable of carrying a 64cm frame Road Bike or a Full-Suspension Mountain Bike, the Biknd Helium also has room for a spare set of wheels for those of you planning off and on road bike trips.  The coolest part of the bag is that the sides inflate after the bag is sealed to ensure that any loose or moving parts stay still to the point of shrink wrapped.

The bag also sits on wheels and has a polyethylene end cap for banging into stuff.  Exceptional design I must say.


Traveling with a bicycle has never been this simple: the Helium is light and easy to carry and its revolutionary inflatable padding offers unrivaled protection. Thanks to its minimal dimensions, it fits easily in the trunk of even the smallest cars (width of 100 cm). Every small detail has been looked into: the Helium bike case has special compartments for an extra wheelset and also for stowing you helmet, shoes and other essentials (pump, spare tubes, etc.)


Jeff B