Belkin Share play surf routers

Wireless routers aren’t exactly the most exciting products out there, but they serve a very important purpose — how else would you get your latest tech news? That being said, Belkin has come out with a new range of routers that are nice-looking and come with some interesting features. For the tech-illiterate, the 802.11n routers (besides the cheapest $49.99 model) come pre-set up with their own SSID and encryption, making it less easy for stealing your neighbor’s WiFi.

In addition, starting with the $79.99 2.4GHz Share model, each router has a USB 2.0 port that connects to external HDDs and printers, working with Belkin’s own software for printing and backups. The $129.99 dual-band Gigabit Play Max also includes the Vuze Torrent Genie, which will keep your downloads going on even if your PC isn’t on. All that in a router sounds pretty sweet to me.

Each router is expected to be available in April. Prices range from $49.99 to $129.99.


Chris Gullo