Astro A30 Gaming Headset

One word is appropriate to describe professional gamers: intense. You don’t win national tournaments like the MLG (Major League Gaming) without being committed. In 2008, Astro Gaming, a sub-studio of design firm Astro Studios, released their high quality A40 headset specifically for these gamers. Now, Astro is set to release a new model for the millions of Xbox Live and PC users who want the same sort of audio quality for their gaming sessions.

The Astro A30 headset looks to bring the same type of design as the professional level A40s to a more mainstream audience. It features three different lengths of cord, swapped via a small module on the set. Gaming on your PC? Use the small cord. Sitting on the couch a few feet away from your HDTV? Go for the long one. A detachable boom mic and inline mic are also included. Sounds like they got everything covered with these.

The Astro A30 headset is available now from Astro Gaming for $149.


Chris Gullo