Wind Powered Toy Car

Sometimes the best way to get the kiddies to ‘pick up what your laying down’ is to put that learning into a toy.  We’ve already seen the Hydrogen powered RC car, so it’s really no surprise to see a wind power generated one emerge on the market.

The Tamiya Loopwing Wind Generator uses a special “loop wing” design that is said to “secure high efficiency in power generation”.  Basically, that means no matter the wind speed this thing can generate some energy.  Attach the included car and you can recharge its batteries for up to 2 minutes of run time for each 10 minute charge.  For those extra windy days there’s even a second gear that improves power generation.  And for those days when there is no wind there is a built-in handle that lets you run with the device in hand.

You snag one for $50.

[via Toyology]


Christen Costa

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