Daily Archives: March 27, 2010

Nasa iPhone App

NASA iPhone App Could Indirectly Put You On The Moon (video)


Want to control the Mars Rover? There’s an app for that. At EclipseCon, 2010 the annual Eclipse open source community meeting, attendees were given the challenge of creating a robotic control system to drive a NASA robot over a virtual Mars-like environment. Peter Friese and Heiko Behrens decided to create...


Facevision FVexpress Combo Webcam


For those who want to, err, “chat” on Chat Roulette in the highest quality possible, the FVexpress Combo from FaceVision looks like a great webcam. The 2MP, 720p webcam records at 30fps, ensuring smooth, crystal-clear video. It features a 75-degree field of view and a 28mm lens. Also included is...

Robot Dentist patient

Japanese Robot Screams If She Is Poked Too Hard (video)


Let’s file this under “cool but kinda creepy”: Hanako is a Japanese-built robot created by three universities and a robotics manufacturer whose purpose is for training dentists. Her mouth is filled with sensors that are designed to react to the dentist’s tools. She also sneezes, screams if poked too hard,...